WebCounter Terms and Conditions - by using WebCounter you agree to the terms.

1.You will not use WebCounter on the following sites.
- Any adult related subject matter containing nudity.
- Hate or Racist sites
- Warez sites
- Sites that receive traffic from autosurf programs
- Do not use WebCounter in any Email
- Any sites providing content on illegal activities or illiegal natures

2.You will not alter, change or remove parts of the WebCounter code.
By removing any parts of the code, altering any parts of the code you will be in breach of the terms and conditions. We may hold you responsible for any damages that may occurr with the missuse of WebCounter.

3.Your account and counter can be cancelled at anytime.
We reserve the right to terminate or cancel your account at anytime without notice. You also have the right to cancel your account at any time. To cancel your account simply remove the WebCounter code from your website.

4.You agree to use our service under your own risks. The service is provided "as is". You agree not to hold us responsible for any loss of data or interruption of services while using this service. We are not responsible for any damages direct, or consequential, resulting from our service.

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